Don’t Forget Hand Reflexology When Visiting the Massage Parlor

It’s a great day to visit the massage therapist! Schedule one of the great massage packages fort collins has available and when you leave, you’ll feel renewed and revived, almost like a new person has entered your body and taken over. No, it’s not a paranormal experience, but the results of a massage. There’s nothing in this world quiet as enjoyable as a massage, whether you opt for a deep tissue massage or prefer the Swedish massage. But, do not forget your hands when adding services to the massage package.

Hand reflexology is a special massage technique the concentrates on the nerve endings in the hand to stimulate other parts of the body. In turn, a variety of health issues can be resolved. Interestingly and surprising to most, hand reflexology can minimize the symptoms of depression and anxiety for its users! A Trained therapist knows where to find the nerve endings and how to provide relief to the area so that you enjoy relief in so many different areas of your health.

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Numerous clinical studies have proven the benefits of reflexology in management of pain and stress.  A 2017 study, for example, showed that people who used hand reflexology before a major surgery had less anxiety when it was time to go under the knife.  The University of Portsmouth reported the benefits of hand reflexology for migraines. The study proved that just six months of treatment reduced symptoms of headaches and migraines. A 2008 study showed that it eliminated back pain.

There’s no question that you’ll enjoy the day at the massage parlor, especially when hand reflexology is included in your services. The benefits are promising and definitely exciting for its users. It’s time to schedule that appointment and change your health for the better. It’s a decision that you will not regret.